Star Citizen can present a considerable initial challenge for novice participants. Despite its intention to provide a user-friendly experience, it remains in an Alpha stage, resulting in incomplete tutorials and the necessity for players to independently decipher numerous game mechanics. This comprehensive guide is designed to facilitate your initial immersion into the Verse, ensuring a smooth and productive outset to your journey.

Table of Contents

Unlocking Benefits: Registering with Extra Funds

Your inaugural imperative entails the establishment of your membership by means of procuring a foundational account. Employ the ensuing hyperlink for registration, as it shall furnish you with an additional 5,000 credits.

This constitutes a substantial sum, especially for newcomers, so be certain not to overlook this opportunity!

Kick-starter Kits

When it comes to the array of starter packages, it’s perfectly natural to find yourself in a state of uncertainty regarding which ship aligns best with your preferences at this stage. Fear not, for in the expansive universe of Star Citizen, the choice is not etched in stone. Virtually any vessel can be ascended to a higher echelon (barring a few rarities), rendering it a temporary decision. You even have the option to ‘melt’ a ship (a process akin to swapping for store credits) and procure a replacement. However, do bear in mind that to partake in the game, a game package is requisite. Ships are available both with and without game packages, so it is imperative not to merely acquire a ship devoid of a package; at the very least, one package is a necessity.

While comprehensive guides regarding ship selections are accessible on this platform, my personal recommendation leans toward the Avenger Titan. It serves as a commendable inaugural spacecraft, boasting versatility across various roles. As you gradually master the intricacies of the game, you can always consider upgrading it to further heights

Game modes and controls

When embarking on my journey into any new gaming realm, my initial undertaking unfailingly revolves around configuring the graphics settings. While the default presets often suffice, meticulous attention to the choice of resolution is paramount. A myriad of settings, encompassing the incorporation of TrackIR, face tracking, joystick calibration, and more, await your future exploration; however, this chapter shall be explored at a later juncture. Initially, acquainting oneself with the game’s fundamentals is a prerequisite, perhaps commencing with a cursory glance at certain control functions. In addition to the customary WASD movement, ‘F’ assumes a pivotal role in door and panel interaction, while the ‘Y’ key facilitates a prompt ascent from various seating and reclining apparatuses – a collection of invaluable shortcuts!

Depressing and maintaining the ‘F’ key heralds the unveiling of the Inner Thought system, thereby unveiling a plethora of choices at your disposal. To illustrate, should you direct your gaze toward a humble soda can and engage the ‘F’ key, a medley of options materializes: drink, toss, place, stow, and more. Conversely, when ensconced within a chair, the ‘F’ key extends the invitation to disengage from your seating arrangement and engage in other activities.

The primary gameplay mode, christened the Persistent Universe (PU), serves as an expansive representation of an entire star system, encompassing four celestial bodies, numerous moons, and a plethora of spatial stations. Meanwhile, the likes of Arena Commander and Star Marine are akin to expedited match-based game modes, designed for honing your combat and first-person shooter prowess. I would recommend reserving these arenas for subsequent endeavours. To commence your odyssey, dive headlong into the PU, selecting a preferred spawn location (New Babbage on Microtech comes highly recommended) while retaining the server location setting at its optimal ‘Best’ configuration.

Intial Steps & mobiGlas

Upon inception, you invariably materialize within the confines of your sleeping berth, and the keys of ‘Y’ or ‘F’ usher your ascent from slumber. Step beyond your quarters to savor the panoramic vista afforded by your residential abode, then descend via the elevator to reach the nearest celestial port.

At the outset, your inventory remains rather modest in its contents. However, this condition is generally inconsequential, as venturing into combat on your inaugural day is ill-advised, and your fiscal coffers are unlikely to facilitate a comprehensive armament. Press the ‘F1’ key to invoke the mobiGlas – a holographic personal data assistant (PDA) that wields dominion over a myriad of functions. Within the Star Citizen cosmos, the mobiGlas stands as the preeminent instrument of authority. Familiarize yourself with its multifarious tabs, encompassing personal loadouts, ship configurations, maps, mission logs, and more. While immediate alterations may be superfluous, acquainting yourself with this indispensable apparatus is paramount.

Space Flight

After reaching the spaceport, proceed to one of the terminals referred to as ASOP terminals. Utilize this terminal to summon your ship, and it will provide you with the location of the hangar where your ship is now accessible. Take the elevator to reach the designated hangar, board your vessel, and assume the pilot’s position. Activate your ship by pressing the ‘F’ key and prepare it for flight by toggling the “flight ready” setting. This action initiates the charging process for your shields, engines, and other essential systems.

Access your contacts screen by pressing ‘F11,’ which will specifically activate the contacts tab on your mobiGlas. Navigate to the ‘friends’ section within this tab and locate the spaceport entry. Select the spaceport, and you’ll be granted the necessary authorization for takeoff (you can similarly request landing clearance using the same process). Initiating liftoff is a straightforward procedure. The ‘Spacebar’ serves as the default command for ascending vertically. Adjust your speed limiter by scrolling the mouse wheel up or down, ‘C’ is designated for cruise control, and ‘N’ facilitates the retraction of your landing gear.

Familiarize yourself with the controls by maneuvering in space. Your mouse buttons are employed for firing weapons, while the directional keys (‘WASD’), the ‘Spacebar,’ and ‘Ctrl’ permit movement in all six axes.

Making Money

How many available option’s or opportunity you have let’s have a look

Missions : The primary avenue to explore, and one I wholeheartedly endorse for neophyte participants, revolves around embarking on missions. Cast your gaze upon the mobiGlas interface, summoning forth a veritable array of mission prospects. Within this digital tapestry, one may unearth an assortment of assignments: the pursuit of bounties, the transport of goods in delivery quests, the enigmatic realm of special investigative undertakings, and a profusion of analogous exploits. It bears noting that as one’s standing in the cosmos burgeons, a commensurate influx of missions shall manifest. Opt to commence your journey with those of the less exacting variety, for the purpose of amassing a tidy sum.

Let trepidation find no domicile in your disposition when it comes to embarking upon the illustrious path of bounty hunting. Even in the eventuality of one’s demise, a swift return to terrestrial soil is assured, with the added perk of gratis ship reclamation courtesy of the insurance mechanism. One must remain cognizant that we continue to traverse the uncharted realms of alpha testing. Personally, I am inclined to proffer that bounty hunting stands as the most straightforward conduit to the accumulation of fiscal fortunes.

Trading :  Engaging in trading can be relatively straightforward, yet the primary hurdle lies in the requirement of an initial financial outlay to procure goods for trade. Without a substantial starting capital, one’s capacity to engage in sizable transactions remains severely constrained, thus hindering the potential for significant financial gains. Furthermore, it is prudent to acknowledge that the game is prone to occasional crashes, which in turn pose the peril of forfeiting the entirety of one’s cargo, along with the monetary resources invested therein. Consequently, it is advisable to embark upon trading endeavors primarily for the sake of honing one’s skills, refraining from substantial financial commitments in this pursuit.


Mining, the labyrinthine vocation of our epoch, unfurls as an intricate tapestry replete with tantalizing pecuniary prospects. Its labyrinthine nature, however, engenders commensurate rewards for those who seek an alternative to the conventional mission-based pursuits. Within this domain, one may opt for the tactile artistry of hand mining or, alternatively, harness the formidable capabilities of one among the plethora of specialized mining vessels populating the ever-expansive game universe.

I must tender the counsel, though, to restrain the impetus for acquiring such a formidable craft during the inaugural day of your journey. It behooves the nascent miner to acquaint themselves intimately with the idiosyncratic mechanics that govern this realm prior to plunging into a costly investment. Moreover, do retain in your consciousness the viable option of leasing these formidable ships for a nominal daily remuneration, thereby availing yourself of their services as you execute the manifold tasks that may lay before you.

Quantum Travel  & Ship of MFDs

The cosmos stretches out vast and formidable, where mere meandering through the celestial expanse in cruise mode falls significantly short of propelling you across the chasmic void from one celestial body to another. The game proffers a mode of travel christened Quantum Travel, a means to traverse great cosmic distances with relative ease. Its initiation requires naught but the deft press of the B key, conjuring forth a tableau of potential star system destinations. Herein, crimson icons denote destinations barred or situated beyond your reach, while azure beacons signify viable options. Yet, it is imperative to grasp that the embrace of Quantum Travel exacts the price of quantum fuel, a resource that diminutive craft might exhaust with haste.

Once your celestial course is duly selected, a secondary press of the B key shall set in motion the process of spooling your quantum drive. Maintain your crosshair’s unwavering fixation upon the chosen destination, and lo, you shall embark upon a quantum odyssey towards your desired endpoint.

Detailed metrics, encompassing fuel reserves, current velocity, and sundry other particulars, are readily displayed on your HUD, an initially bewildering mosaic that shall, with time, become a realm of familiarity. Furthermore, each spacecraft boasts a constellation of Multi-Function Displays (MFDs), a feature inspired by the intricate instrumentation found aboard real-world fighter aircraft. These versatile MFDs cater to an array of functions, encompassing communications, weaponry, power status, shield integrity, and beyond, with the added capacity for customization, empowering you to tailor their displays to your exact preferences.

Equipment Up-gradation for your personal and ship

After completing a few missions, you might contemplate the idea of enhancing your arsenal. It’s wise to prioritize personal equipment at this juncture. Invest in armour, firearms, and medpens for self-healing purposes. These items can be procured at stores situated within space stations and planetary outposts.

Upgrading your spacecraft’s equipment is a more substantial financial commitment that necessitates prudent credit management. Components such as weapons, shields, power generators, and coolers interact intricately with one another, warranting a gradual improvement based on your financial capacity. If missions don’t pique your interest, consider the alternative path of renting a mining or trading vessel to explore different avenues of game-play.

 Tips from the Expert:

Experts recommend that new players should start their journey with the Aurora pack as your initial foray into the game. This allows you to acclimate yourself without a substantial investment. Keep in mind that you can always upgrade your ship via the store at a later juncture. It’s prudent to gauge the game’s performance on your machine before committing to one of the pricier packages. Spend an hour in the game, assess your experience, and if all is satisfactory, consider the Cutlass Black as your inaugural upgrade.

Upon entering the game for the first time, focus on acquainting yourself with the core keybindings and engage in some basic flying maneuvers. There’s a wealth of valuable tutorials available on YouTube; just ensure that the patch version aligns with the current one, which stands at 3.17.2 at present. This preliminary knowledge will serve as a solid foundation for your initial forays into the cosmos.